Vivian Zabel

     A modern tale set in ancient times, Burnt Offering contains suspense, romance, and a problem found still today, the sacrifice of children through neglect, abuse, and murder.
     Judah, 8th Century BCE ... King Ahaz sat and watched his own infant placed in the hands of a red-hot bronze idol. He heard the child’s screams over the beating of 100 drums. He watched the child turn red, then black as it burned alive. He smelled the odor of burnt skin. Yet, he and his followers did what Moleck wanted, killing their own children.
      Would a hero or heroes step forward to save these children? Is today’s society following Moleck’s edicts?

      “I found Vivian Zabel’s novel captivating from start to fi nish. I felt as if I’d been transported to another world, and I enjoyed the visit.”  – William Bernhardt,former attorney, best selling author, public speaker, writing expert

       “Vivian has written a compelling book based on biblical insights but with a stimulating twist of fiction filled with excitement. Readers will be captivated by her use of word pictures to bring the story to life. Enjoy!”   – the late Dr. Stan Toler, pastor, author, inspirational speaker, leadership expert, and church leader.

        From Readers' Favorites, a 5-star review: "Burnt Offering has enough suspense and romance to keep you reading long into the night."

More about Burnt Offering and the author

     In the 8th Century BC, King Ahaz offered one or more of his children to be burnt alive as an offering to the idol Moleck. His nobles and others in the kingdom followed his lead. The screams of babies and children, the stench of burning flesh, and the drums of priests trying to drown out the cries filled the Judean air on sacrifice days.
     Who could; who would save the innocent during the time of Burnt Offerings? History doesn’t say, but people always step forward when heroes are needed.
      Let your imagination take you to Judea during the horrors of a time long ago, but which continue to be found today.

     Vivian Zabel taught English and writing for nearly 30 years, but she has written herself since a child. When she shared her goal of becoming an author with a friend in the seventh grade, the friend laughed. She didn’t share her desire with anyone again, but she worked to become an author.
      She and her late husband married in 1961 and had four children, three who lived. As an Air Force brat, she traveled from Guam to Morocco, and from Texas to Maine. But, Oklahoma was always home.
      Zabel has been a member of OWFI since 2002 and the OWFI Grant Director since 2012. She was honored as the Lifetime Member in 2013. She and a friend founded an OWFI affiliate, Pen and Keyboard Writers, in Edmond, Oklahoma. Her home has been in the Edmond area since 1983.
      A member of Sisters in Crime and Society of Children's Books Writers and Illustrators, her books can be found on the 4RV Publishing site and on most other online book stores and through brick and mortar bookstores.