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Finally, success

Posted by Vivian Zabel on Wednesday, January 26, 2011, In : Setting up blog 
My domain is now in effect, the URL doesn't have the yolasite in it: Also Yola support told me how to use Google comment box.

Now, I can concentrate on content for my website.

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Starting over

Posted by Vivian Zabel on Tuesday, January 25, 2011,
I decided to set up a different personal website. The other one was too complicated to update. Therefore, I began the long process of moving what I want to keep and adding new material.

Aidana designed the banner to go with the site. I like how she incorporated my motto into the heading and banner.

Stay tuned for what's going on with my writing and my books.

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Vivian Zabel I'm the wife of one, since February 18, 1962. Robert may be gone from this life, but he awaits me on the other side. I've had four children, three lived. My children have given me ten grandchildren, five girls and five boys. My two oldest granddaughters provided five great-grandchildren. My family and my faith find their ways into my writing. I've had stories, articles, and poetry published over a period of more than fifty years. I began writing novels after I retired from teaching. Now I'm enjoying retirement. I need to return to teaching in order to rest.

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