Jean Henry Mead presented this blog with the Stylish blogger Award. Thank you, Jean.

She says I'm to list seven (7) things about myself and pass the award on to someone else. I pass it to Aidana WillowRaven's new blog because it is stylish. WillowRaven Illustration & Design Plus

Now seven things about me, hmmm. I don't know if there are seven things to tell. I'm a rather simple, boring person who creates all the mystique for characters in my writing. Yes, I live vicariously through my characters. All right, here goes:

1. I feel I should be at least 40 years younger than I am. Hey, I need to live at least another 30 years to be able to write all the books running around in my head.

2. I have only had one man completely in my life romantically, and he's still here.

3. I have 9 other men of various ages whom I love, too: 2 sons, 5 grandsons, and 2 great-grandsons. Robert doesn't mind sharing me with them, though.

4. When I see or meet someone who makes a bad impression, that person does go into one of my stories as a bad person, maybe not the main antagonist, but still not a nice person.

5. When I hear snippets of dialog I like, I write them down to use in stories or novels.

6. I also put the good qualities I see and the actions of those people in my writing.

7. I hate doing taxes for the business and for myself. I need a bookkeeper.

Hope no one's bored too much.

Aidana, your turn.