I entered ten items in the OWFI competition: Mystery/Suspense Novel; Western Novel; science fiction in the SF/Fantasy/Horror Novel category; Young Adult Book; Poetry Unrhymed - Short; Poetry Unrhymed - Long; Inspirational Prose; Poetry Rhymed - Short; Western Article; and Short-Short Story (Adult). I've received confirmation that the category chairs received all of them, and that all were all right, no disqualifications.

     The entries will go to judges, and the results will be announced at the OWFI conference Saturday awards banquet. I would very much like to hear my name called as a winner. Even more, I hope to get plenty of feed back from the judges so I know where to go with my novels. All are in limbo until after I receive needed suggestions.

     Since Murder in the Mansion was not one of the unpublished manuscripts entered this year, I'm working on it as I wait. The characters are becoming more alive, the plot more confusing but interesting, and a sub-plot is developing. I think I needed the time to concentrate on this manuscript. Maybe I'll start a page on the site to discuss the progress and ideas for the romantic-suspense.