The coming months will be busy, not counting taxes and reports for the business. Jacque Graham and I will each present a workshop  at the Northeast Texas Writing Conference in Mt. Pleasant, Texas April 27 - 28. Mine will be "Make Writing Snap," and Jacque's will be on the author's place in editing.  Then the next weekend I'll be on the agent/editor/publisher panel for the OWFI writers conference in Oklahoma City. Two weeks later, I'll be the keynote speaker at the Northern Oklahoma Literary Art Book Fest in Ponca City, Oklahoma. Finally, in September, I'll be flying to Alaska (hopefully with Jacque) to be a presenter at the writing conference in Anchorage. Finally, the weekend after the return to Oklahoma, if all goes well, I'll be at the Chisholm Trail Book Festival with one of 4RV's new authors to debut her novel, again hopefully with Jacque.

     Now if my body will cooperate.