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Picking Up the Pieces

March 17, 2016
Bit by bit, I'm picking up the remaining pieces of my life and putting them together to create my "new" life. I feel mentally more alert than I have in a very long time. I enjoy having my brain working again. I like that I "want" to write again, write things other than pain-filled poetry and articles.

I will go forward.


Life in Turmoil

June 27, 2015
     My husband of 53 years died March 31, 2015. I gave three years as his care giver and let writing and other interests, including this site and blog, slide.

     To follow what I've gone through and what I'm doing, go to Brain Cells & Bubble Wrap.

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Writing in Mind

March 23, 2014
    Recovering from complete knee replacement has become longer and more difficult than expected. I find working at the computer AND being able to concentrate a rough combination. However, my brain keeps working, and I have four chapters for my work in progress, Burnt Offering, ready to be typed. The words are "loaded" on my mental hard drive. I simply need to put my fingers to work, my lazy fingers.

     Burnt Offering became an obsession when I read about King Ahaz worshiping the idol Moluck...

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Need to update more often

June 13, 2013
     I really need to post to my blog here more often. Time rushes by and I forget. Perhaps I should set this up more as a calendar of what I'm going to do and what I have accomplished.

     At present I'm preparing to present at the LexiCon Writers Conference in Denton, Texas from July 12 - 14. I'm writing a historical novel during the reign of King Ahaz of Judea in the 8th Century BC. I'm formatting eBooks for 4RV Publishing. I'm preparing to attend a children's book festival in Ada, Oklahom...
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Conference workshops, presentations, & panel

March 26, 2012
     The coming months will be busy, not counting taxes and reports for the business. Jacque Graham and I will each present a workshop  at the Northeast Texas Writing Conference in Mt. Pleasant, Texas April 27 - 28. Mine will be "Make Writing Snap," and Jacque's will be on the author's place in editing.  Then the next weekend I'll be on the agent/editor/publisher panel for the OWFI writers conference in Oklahoma City. Two weeks later, I'll be the keynote speaker at the Northern Oklahoma Liter...
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Entries for OWFI competition leaves one WIP

February 5, 2012
     I entered ten items in the OWFI competition: Mystery/Suspense Novel; Western Novel; science fiction in the SF/Fantasy/Horror Novel category; Young Adult Book; Poetry Unrhymed - Short; Poetry Unrhymed - Long; Inspirational Prose; Poetry Rhymed - Short; Western Article; and Short-Short Story (Adult). I've received confirmation that the category chairs received all of them, and that all were all right, no disqualifications.

     The entries will go to judges, and the results will be announce...
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A new novel being born

August 26, 2011
          Yes, I did say being born, because this novel is labor intensive and determined to be created. I have two other projects I want to finish first, but, no, characters and plots for this one would not leave me alone. I even sleep the thing. Therefore, so I can have some peace I began writing Maelstrom, a thriller no less.

          I'll ask Aidana to do the cover once I get the first draft finished. I know my characters. I know the main plot. I know of at least two sub-plots. The "movie...
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OWFI Conference Write On! over

May 10, 2011
The OWFI conference was busy, exciting, and fun. I even place in one of the contest categories. I took second place with my short un-rhymed poem "The Job."

Hands, streaming blood red,
Wield a razor sharp knife
Plunging deep into soft flesh,
Spraying crimson drops
Over walls, cabinets, sinks.
Soon, the bits and pieces,
Stuffed into containers,
Will be hidden away.
I sit exhau...

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OWFI Writing Conference, here I come

April 27, 2011
          The OWFI (Oklahoma Writers Federation, Inc) writing conference will be held at the Embassy Suites in Oklahoma City next week. I go every year possible, but this time I'll not just be a volunteer but will be one of the workshop presenters. 

             This conference is one of the most financially reasonable I know about, with some of the most beneficial speakers. Attendees can make appointments with agents, editors, and publishers. Hey, it must be good -- they scheduled me, didn't ...
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Preparing for a book festival and a writing conference

March 12, 2011
     April 16 is the North Texas Book Festival in Denton. The festival will be at the Center for Visual Arts, 400 E. Hickory from 9 AM - 4 PM. My novel Stolen is entered in their book competition in the fiction division.

      May 6 & 7, I'll be at the OWFI writing conference at Embassy Suites on Meridian, Oklahoma City. I entered several categories of their competition and will find out the results at the May 7 banquet. I'm also one of the publishers taking pitches and a presenter of a works...
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