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klahoma Writers Federation, Inc. -  Grants Director


 Sisters in Crime  (SinC)

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Writing Experience:

Have degree in English and speech, post graduate classes, took and take writing classes, clinics, and workshops for over 40 years.

Taught for 27 years:
English, composition, writing, yearbook, newspaper, literary magazine, drama, debate, speech

Published short stories, articles, and poetry until retired from teaching, have over 10 books published since, with more to come.

Publisher since 2007:
4RV Publishing - traditional house
with over 75 authors, submissions go to acquisition editors anonymously so editors don't know who submitted.

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Brain Cells & Bubble Wrap

Meet Vivian Zabel
author, editor, publisher

      Vivian Zabel writes under the names Vivian Gilbert Zabel and V. Gilbert Zabel, also.

 Meet Vivian in Her Own Words

        Since I was born on an Air Force base (Randolph AFB, Texas), right under the flight path, I knew I had to be a plane. I often wondered if I were a B52 or a C130. No one can imagine the surprise, the dismay, the shock I felt when my mother told me I was a person. I often wondered why I had people for parents.
         One thing, before I continue - no, I did not watch the Wright brothers test their plane. I'm not that old.
        Now, for some of the boring stuff. Born July 28,1943, I traveled all over the United States and half way around the world west and east. I started in Texas and graduated from high school in Limestone, Maine. I lived on Guam and in Morocco. As an 'Air Force brat,' I followed my father to most places the military assigned him.
        I married my husband on February 18, 1962. After our three living children were in school, I returned to college and studied to become a teacher. I taught school for over twenty-seven years, grades five through twelve from time to time, but mainly high school.  I taught English, speech, drama, debate, French, yearbook, newspaper, creative writing - I think that's all. Now I write poetry, stories, articles, and books, as well as frantically learning the publishing trade.
        When I'm not writing, I'm attending ball games or traveling. Thanks to three grown children, I have ten grandchildren, threee great grandsons, and three great-granddaughters. Three of the grandchildren live about a fifteen-twenty minutes' drive from me, and two of the boys play all kinds of ball (baseball, basketball, football, and trying track and field). One is in college, but the younger two are in high school, and I attend what games I can. That's one reason some of my stories and books are about boys who play ball and have adventures.  A great-grandson will play football beginning this fall, and I plan on watching him play, too.
        Oklahoma, which means "Land of the Red People," has been my home for most of my life. I don't think I would ever want
to live anywhere else. The state has sandy beaches around a large salt lake, hills so tall they are nearly mountains, farm land and forests, flat land and rolling hills, cities and rural areas. Our state isn't heavily populated. Our two major cities, Oklahoma City (which is also the capital) and Tulsa aren't as large as Dallas or Los Angeles, but we can find almost anything we could want here. We have Broadway plays and community theater; we have minor league baseball and the University of Oklahoma Sooner football; we have a classical symphony and the Oklahoma Opry. We can claim Garth Brooks, Reba McIntire, and Toby Keith, just to name a few of the celebrities from my home state.
        Home is where the heart is, and my heart is with my family in Oklahoma, Colorado, California, New Mexico, West Virginia,  and Florida, even if my head may be buried in a book - whether reading or writing.

         I hope to finalize my historical novel, which I had to put on a back burner during the difficult years I cared for my husband as he fought to live longer. Now, since he's gone, I have my writing to assist me cope with his loss. Burnt Offering, hopefully, will be released this fall or the first of 2017. 

 1st children's book

Received the Children's Literary Classics (CLC) Seal of Approval, and the Silver Seal from Children's Literary Classics. 

Also, one of top 15 in KART (Kids Are Readers Too)